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Fantex® Self-Disinfecting Privacy Blinds

Fantex® Protected Privacy Blinds are the most hygienic, cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional roller blinds. Fantex® Protected Privacy Blinds are treated with self-disinfecting Fantex® technology which prevents cross contamination to reduce the risk of acquiring healthcare-associated infections. The easy-to-use cartridge system allows staff to replace blinds in seconds, minimizing installation time and costs associated with expensive cleaning processes.

Fantex® Antimicrobial Protection

Fantex® Protected Privacy Blinds are engineered with built-in self-disinfecting Fantex® technology. They quickly kill harmful microorganisms (Log 3 In one minute) upon contact to lower the risk of the touchpoint contamination events which are known to spread healthcare associated infections. The easy-to-use cartridge system allows staff to replace blinds in seconds, and all blinds are fitted with anti-ligature safety devices to ensure compliance with child safety requirements.


Fantex® kills pathogens within 1 minute.

Log 3 Antimicrobial Fabric


Fantex® fabric kills 99.9% (Log 3) pathogens.


Fantex® has activity against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Fantex® has residual activity throughout the lifespan of the blind.

The Problem with Privacy Blinds

Hospital blinds are a high frequency touchpoint in the patient environment and have been shown to harbomany harmful microorganisms [Karas et al., 2002]. Studies have shown that even in the absence of any visible soiling or staining, these non-disinfectant surfaces can harbor bacterial pathogens for years at a time. While other surfaces in the patient environment are cleaned on a daily basis, blinds can be left hanging for extended periods of time to allow significant bacterial growth and transmit contaminants in and around the patient environment.

Studies show that in the absence of disinfection, some pathogens can survive on surfaces for years at a time. Yet, unlike most of the contaminated surfaces in the patient environment which are disinfected on a daily basisprivacy blinds are often left hanging for several months.

Hygenica's anti-ligature blinds

Colors and Sizes

Our blinds are available in a range of colors, designed to suit the existing color scheme of your ward, or add a dash of color. We also offer custom fittings to make your blinds to fit every kind of window and complement any environment.


Legislation passed in 2014 means that if children under the age of 42 months are staying on a ward, or have access to it, blinds must be fitted with a built-in safety device, such as a chain break connector. If you’re fitting new blinds, we can help you comply with the child safety requirements by providing blinds with a built-in safety device.

Fantex Antimicrobial protection

Fantex® rapidly kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and molds to log 3 (99.9%) efficacy within one minute. Fantex®’s unique mode of action ensures that harmful microorganisms are killed quickly upon contact. This speed of kill greatly reduces the risk of pathogens being transferred to hands, preventing the cross-contamination that leads to the spread of hospital-acquired infections.

Product Information

  • – Kills 99.9% (Log 3) of bacteria in one minute to BS EN ISO 20743 standards.
  • – Blinds are made of hygienic, non-woven, 100% polypropylene fabric.
  • – Easy-to-use cartridges to make replacement simple and quick. We use Louvolite System 32® and System 40® Roller Blinds, which are 10-year life cycle tested.
  • – Stainless steel chain designed to provide smooth and silent operation.
  • – Date labelling to improve compliance.
  • – Image or message printing available upon request.
  • – Fire retardant to BS 5867.