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The hygenica Curtain program

Cost Savings on HAIs

PHE estimates that one HAI will increase the length of hospital stay by an average of 17.6 days and contribute to approximately £4,000—£20,000 in healthcare costs. While cheaper and unprotected alternatives may suggest short term savings, Fantex® HAI Prevention Curtains can reduce a portion of the costs incurred by the Trust due to HAIs.

Log 3 Antimicrobial Fabric

Best-in-class Protection

Disposable Fantex HAI Prevention Curtains offer best-in-class, rapid antimicrobial efficacy against a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens. Fantex® HAI Prevention Curtains are scientifically proven 99.9% (Log 3) kill rate in as little as 1 minute against a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens linked to HCAIs such as MRSA, VRE, and E. coli.

Lower Infections

Linen and other unprotected curtains will not contribute towards any reduction in infections or associated costs. Hospitals that have implemented Fantex® HAI Prevention Curtains have seen between 11-35% reduction in hospital onset infections within the first 12 months of implementation.

Labor Saving

Hygenica's Fast-Track hooks are ultrasonically welded to the curtain and are engineered to easily fit any exisiting tracking system, Fantex® HAI Prevention Curtains can be hung up within 2-3 minutes, where as a single linen curtain takes approximately 20 minutes to hang. Over a year, a switch to Hygenica could save hundreds of hours of labor time each year and associated costs.

Cost Savings on Durability

Fantex® HAI Prevention curtains are manufactured within the UK with a superior quality, non-woven, 100% polypropylene fabric which is less likely to tear in comparison to other cheaply made disposable curtains. In contrast, cheaply made disposable curtains omit many durability features meaning that they are less likely to withstand usage and require many more changes each year.

Energy and water savings

Fantex® HAI Prevention curtains are made of non-woven type 5 polypropylene that can be recycled through standard hospital recycling, or be disposed of in non clinical waste streams. Therefore, unlike linen curtains, Fantex® HAI Prevention Curtains do not have to be laundered. A switch to Hygenica could save your hospital hundreds of gallons of water, reduce energy consumption and decrease CO2 emissions.