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About us

Hygenica is a global leader within the field of Hospital Infection Prevention and Control, and we are committed to improving standards of patient care. Our goal is to ensure that that our innovative antimicrobial Fantex® HCAI Prevention technology is appropriately adopted in clinical practice throughout the world, to better protect patients from unnecessarily contracting potentially fatal Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). Contaminated hospital surfaces are a widely recognised source of infection and modern infection control programmes must utilise every innovation available to effectively sanitise the hospital environment to protect patients from HAIs. 

When integrated across hospital hard and soft surfaces, Fantex® HAI Prevention technology is scientifically proven to rapidly reduce pathogenic load – substantially decreasing the transmission risk emanating from cross-contamination at high-frequency touchpoint surfaces. Patient privacy curtains are one of the most frequently touched surfaces in the near-patient environment, and are a well-known source of infection. Disposable Fantex® HAI Prevention Curtains offer best-in-class, rapid antimicrobial efficacy against a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens. Following rigorous independent testing which demonstrated an unparalleled 99.9% (Log3) kill rate in under one minute, they were first approved for use in Europe in 2008. Currently recognised as the most hygienic curtains, they have since been adopted by the world’s leading teaching hospitals and centres of excellence. 

Similarly, Fantex® Hard Surface Cleaner and Fantex® Sanitizing Fabric Spray are unique disinfection agents which deliver outstanding 24-hour Log5 (99.999%) protection. When integrated within hospital-wide infection control programmes, cost-effective Fantex® HAI Prevention technology can help to improve patient safety, reduce healthcare resource utilization and conserve an increasingly precious antibiotic treatment arsenal.

15th February 2019

Hygenica launches new modular curtain system for the US market.

Hygenica have utilized their undeniable technical expertise to introduce the market leading snap panel curtain system. Engineered to the highest standard this system utilizes a best in class 100gsm recyclable polypropylene fabric panel (available in a range of colors). The panels are fitted with hidden press studs that enable them to be fitted to our mesh curtain top seamlessly. The system means ladder free maintenance throughout the length of a contract, while soiled or periodically changed panels can be replaced quickly reducing contact points for HAIs. 

30th January 2019

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, visited Hygenica. 

Gavin visited the headquarters of local healthcare manufacturers Hygenica. Headed by Matthew Wheeler, Hygenica is a leading manufacturer of unique products deployed in NHS facilities across the UK that help prevent the spread of antibiotic resistant superbugs. 

He heard how the company, founded in 2004, developed its innovative products using a unique disinfecting agent discovered in the UK and how it is committed to maintaining its manufacturing base in the West Midlands as it expands into global markets over the coming years. 

Gavin said: “It’s great to see such an innovative manufacturing firm thriving in Wolverhampton. Hygenica does really important work helping hospitals reduce infection and fight superbugs, relieving pressure from NHS staff and hospitals. Hygenica’s expansion is good news for the area – and it was great to hear their plans for continued expansion and commitment to manufacturing in the West Midlands.

“It’s clear that many innovative businesses can struggle to access the finance they need to realise their ambition. I’m delighted that Hygenica – backed by Beringea’s VCT investment – has become so successful, and I look forward to hearing about their continued growth.”

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