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The hygenica
EASY COMPLIANCE curtain program

Easy Compliance

Many patients die every year after contracting hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The tragedy of these avoidable deaths can devastate families and ruin a healthcare facility’s reputation.

Rigorous disinfection and hand hygiene protocols must be followed to prevent the spread of pathogens, such as antibiotic resistant bacteria, which can thrive on all kinds of surfaces. Because busy hospital environments are rapidly re-contaminated, most surfaces in the patient zone are cleaned at least daily. However, unless visibly stained, traditional linen privacy curtains are often overlooked and remain invisibly contaminated for several months before they are changed. Linen is a soft and absorbent surface that is readily colonized by pathogens, and privacy curtains are frequently touched during the care of patients.

Although following best practice when it comes to changing curtains can help to reduce potential exposure to pathogens, traditional laundering programs are difficult to manage, track, and audit. That’s why more and more of the world’s leading hospitals are switching to Hygenica’s Easy ComplianceTM program.

Hygenica’s Easy Compliance  program offers the following unique advantages over the use of traditional linen curtains:

Rapid Replacement

Changeouts take less than a minute which speeds up room turnover and secures enough time for effective sanitisation of the near-patient environment.


Fully recyclable polypropylene curtains save thousands of gallons worth of water, reduce chemical use, and lower energy consumption. Decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving precious resources ensures that environmental targets are met.

Labor Saving

Compared to the 20 minutes taken to replace an unwieldy linen curtain during patient turnover, the 19 minutes saved per curtain using the Hygenica system really stacks up across facility-wide EVS programs.

Clear Labelling

Labels are dated during installation to create a visual audit trail as part of a rigorous internal compliance system, and Timestrip technology automatically tracks the length of time that a curtain has been hanging. Additional messaging such as ‘Please clean your hands’ can be included on labels to further improve compliance with infection control policy.

Cost Saving

Hygenica curtains completely eliminate all cleaning, laundering and transportation costs associated with linen programs. Click here to calculate your facility's spend on its linen curtain program.

Fast-Track Hooks

Engineered to easily fit any existing tracking system to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of changing track. Hooks are ultrasonically welded to the curtain fabric for superior strength, and their low resistance design ensures they glide effortlessly along tracks without falling out of alignment.

Easy to hang

Hygenica’s Disposable Privacy Curtains are quick and easy to install, and very efficient to maintain – saving time and money.

Hygenica’s disposable privacy curtains are changed in less than a minute. Their rapid replacement means more time for cleaning of patient rooms. Clear labelling allows full traceability and compliance with infection control policy, ensuring that curtains are removed and replaced in accordance with best practice guidelines. This helps protect patients from exposure to life-threatening hospital-acquired infections.