Partnerships and Licensing

With a mission centred around improving hygiene and safety, Hygenica makes its Fantex antimicrobial technology available for licensing on a select partnership basis. By working together, we can help you harness the world-leading antimicrobial benefits of Fantex to develop new products and enhance existing ones.

In many industries and business sectors, hygiene is a must-have. If you are looking to enhance the bacteria management of your product range, we can help you incorporate Fantex technology into the manufacturing process to bring your customers and end-users more protection than ever before.

Plastic products

Fantex chemistry is also available in polymeric master batch form. Hygenica will work with you to add the power of Fantex to existing plastic products, or help you design completely new products under licence.

Liquid Products

Work with Hygenica’s experts to formulate sanitising and disinfectant products with the broad spectrum, residual efficacy and fast action of Fantex. License or purchase Fantex concentrated formulations to eliminate microbial load from your industrial process or environment.

Fabrics and Clothing

Fantex can also be added to the manufacturing process for woven and well as non-woven fabrics. Hygenica is already working with businesses manufacturing workwear and sportswear.

Whatever your requirements, whatever the needs of your customers, we can help you deliver better and more effective bacteria management for your products and services.